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NEUROorganics Inc. has officially partnered with the mental health company The Kween Company to launch the NEUROroyalty program, a suite of services for individuals, families, and corporations to access for BIPOC challenge relief. 


This partnership has been established to strategically deliver tailored care for individual members of the BIPOC community to ensure a safe space is fostered to dissolve stigma, empower individuals to attain their goals, and provide solution-orientated services to address ongoing challenges faced by the community both personally and professionally.  This partnership provides low-barrier access to mental health care at an affordable rate for this community to finally experience the benefits of mental wellness with Dr. Shara Ally, a member of the BIPOC community. 


NEUROorganics Inc. will provide a free consultation and offer the services at a 40% discount. Join us in taking steps toward improving the mental health of our people and sign up for the services, and share this with your friends, family, colleagues, and communities. We are in this together to promote mental wellness within the BIPOC community to ensure our fight for equality, accountability, and reconciliation are met. 


NEUROroyalty Presents Mental Health and Wellness in the BIPOC Community.png

Visit NeurOorganics Website to access NEUROroyalty services 

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For more information please visit:

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