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Providing dance opportunities within the Guelph-Wellington area.

Everyone needs tips and tricks on how to be a better performer, a better teacher and still stay healthy and motivated. Dance has always been away to experience and express a feeling. It's about creating natural endorphins through the body, having fun and staying fit. 

The Kween Company strives to provide dance opportunities within the Guelph-Wellington area. If you are looking to take a class, book a one on one or stay active in the arts community - this platform is for you. 

Soca, Dancehall and Afro Classes – adult classes at the University of Guelph and around the city spreading cultural vibes. 

One on Ones – for those looking to grow in their technique or pick up a new talent or hobby. 

The Guelph Nighthawks Flight Crew – a professional basketball dance pak run by Kween 

City Events – Kween works closely within the area working on city events, musical theater projects and helping our dance scene

The Heels Academy – a performance heels training program for 18+, co-owned by Kween