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The Kween Company believes that everyone is royalty.

The Kween Company is a Black-owned company based in Guelph, ON. The Kween Company is recognized as a safe space for members of the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) community and used as a platform to support small businesses, provide mentorship and educate oneself to seek higher knowledge. TKC is a one stop hub for BIPOC owned and operated businesses. It also supports BIPOC creatives in the cannabis, dance and artist space while offering education and awareness in activism and on political issues. 

The Kween Company has been in partnership with over 25 small businesses including The Heels Academy, Guelph Dance, Afro-Tribal Dance, Loyobo Fitness, The Guelph Nighthawks and mroe to promote artistic creation, dance, advocacy and empowerment.

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